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Hello. My name is Bethanie. I was born in Southern California, when I was 11 my parents moved us to a small town in Western Colorado.  Although I didn’t like the country at first, it has become the place I now call home and return to whenever I am in between adventures.  I have lived several places during my life, including NYC, it is by far my most favorite city—I learned so much as a human being in that crazy beautiful city for five wonderful years.  I’m a surfer, a hiker, a CrossFit-ter and instructor, a distance runner, a hunter, a tomboy, a lady, a whiskey drinker and a person of deep faith, all rolled into one.  I earned my bachelor’s degree from a small liberal arts college in Southern California, The Master’s College.  I studied Political Studies and Constitutional Law with great passion.  Yet, my most cherished title is and always will be a United States Marine.

My life went from understated, under-achieving wallflower to strong leader and over-achiever, when I became a Marine.  I had always wanted to be a Marine and had several challenges to overcome before I finally held that coveted Eagle, Globe and Anchor in my own tiny hand.  Every small battle was worth it in that deeply significant moment.  The date of my commission is still the greatest day I have ever experienced as a human wandering this planet.  And that’s when I met these two amazing people Emily and Depe.  They became a great support through training, and when many friendships end there, ours was a bond of the heart.  We quickly identified that we each possessed the same passion for the type of Warrior that leads through compassion; our hearts have been the glue that strengthened our bond over these past four years.  They have become my most cherished friends and people I rely on for everything from Friday-Skype-margarita date nights, a place to stay when I needed a friend, directions and translation while in France, and the best of all wise counsel on career, life or matters of the heart.

My newest challenge is being a Senior Analyst at Goldman Sachs in Salt Lake City Operations Division, assisting with this beautiful non-profit and serving as USMC Reserve Executive Officer for Military Police Company Charlie, 4th Law Enforcement Battalion.  I spend most of my free time reading non-fiction, traveling to see friends or at home with my pup Penny Lane.
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